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Our job at Hanner Funeral Service does not end after the funeral is over, instead, we strive to take care of our families before, during, and after the funeral has taken place. We offer you a total experience to help honor your loved one and go forward peacefully.


Getting started with funeral and cremation planning is as simple as picking up the phone. All you need to do is call our team to talk about your timeline and your needs. We take it from there to walk you through the most important details of the funeral planning process. For immediate assistance, you can call (903) 796-2835.


When Do You Need Funeral and Cremation Services in Queen City, TX?

When the time comes that you need to evaluate services for funeral and cremation in Queen City, TX, it can be a challenge to face the difficult decisions that lie ahead. The first step is to choose a funeral home you’d like to hire, then the funeral planning staff can walk you through the options and available funeral package.


One of the most common issues in the funeral planning process is the indecision that a family faces about the details of the event. At Hanner Funeral Service, we understand that it can be a challenging experience to finalize the details of a service for your loved one. When you reach out to our team, we offer the undivided attention you need, and a caring hand to walk you through each step of the funeral planning process.


Event Coordination and Full-Service Solutions

Planning a funeral is similar to coordinating any other large event. You need to choose a location for the gathering, and also think about other details such as food and transportation. Most families don’t have experience with a DIY approach for large gatherings, which is why it is critical to enlist the help of an experienced funeral planning staff as soon as possible.

As you are working through the details of this event, our team offers the caring guidance that you need. We are happy to talk about your options and help you find the perfect services to match your traditions and preferences.


Funeral and Cremation Services in Queen City, TX

Not only does Hanner Funeral Service help with event planning, but we have a full range of services you might include in your plan:

  • Funerals: This is the event when family and friends come together to share memories. The main focus of the event planning is on the funeral or memorial that you will be holding for your loved one.
  • Cremations: If you don’t want to lay the person to rest through traditional burial, then talk to us about options for cremation. This respectful way of saying goodbye can be a fraction of the cost compared to standard burial services. Plus, cremation is often an important part of certain religious ceremonies.
  • Graveside Services: When a loved one is placed in a local cemetery; it is common for families to hold a service at the grave. You can hold one event at the graveside, or have a small gathering after the main funeral is finished.
  • Veteran Services: We specialize in services to honor members of the armed forces. If your loved one served our country, then talk to our staff about available options for Veterans.
  • Livestream Services: When your closest family and friends can’t travel to a funeral, consider offering a digital option to share the event. Livestreaming is a great way to help people participate in many different locations.
  • Caskets: Choosing a casket is a personal decision that affects the way the individual is laid to rest. Is there a certain style or design that you prefer? For example, some families choose all-wood caskets if they want an eco-friendly solution.
  • Urns: You need a respectful container to hold the ashes after cremation. Urns are designed for burial or memorial. If you don’t purchase an urn, then the ashes will be delivered to your family in a temporary container.
  • Keepsake Jewelry: Is there a certain way you want to honor the memory of your loved one? Jewelry can be designed with the person’s thumbprint, or you can include a small bit of the cremated ashes.
  • Grave Markers: A headstone or another grave marker design is a place where you can add a personalized description. Take your time in finalizing the details of this marker. It will be the place that you will return for years when you want to honor the person’s memory.
  • Ash Scattering: It can be a healing experience to schedule a time for ash scattering. Choose a location that was special to your family – such as a memorial garden on private property or at a favorite vacation destination.


Customized Support for Funeral Planning

One of the reasons why you should choose Hanner Funeral Service for funeral and cremation in Queen City, TX is because of the personalized support we offer every family. Our goal is to honor your unique requests, including customs and traditions that are important to your loved ones.

We can finalize funeral services in a few short days when the event is unexpected. Or, we can coordinate plans for the future if you would like to reduce the burden on your family.

For quality funeral and cremation services in Queen City, TX, call Hanner Funeral Service. You are welcome to visit our funeral home located at 103 W Main St, Atlanta, TX 75551. Call today: (903) 796-2835.


Funeral & Cremation

  • How much is funeral service in Queen City, TX?
    • In Queen City, TX you will spend most likely $7,750 for a traditional funeral service. Other costs more depending on the requirements for desired funeral. Learn More.
  • How much is cremation in Queen City, TX?
    • A cremation in Queen City, TX will cost starting from $1000 for a simple cremation, on the other hand it can cost you around $3,720 depending on the cremation inclusions. About Cremation.
  • How long does cremation take in Queen City, TX?
    • The actual cremation process in Queen City, TX takes between two to two and a half hours for a regular sized adult. The higher the weight of the dead the longer it takes to be cremated. Learn more about cremation.




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